shapiro Tuesdays!



Every Tuesday night


Doors open an 8pm. show at 8:30. 2 hours.


$5 on the door only


Edgy comedy for the cost of a Perth coffee

Shapiro Tuesday is a night of experimentation and comedy chaos where first time comedians bust their cherries and professionals bust out new material at Perth’s freshest experimental stand-up night.

See the great and the gruesome for only $5!

Named after the eclectic and brilliant American comic Rick Shapiro, Shapiro Tuesday has been the breeding and testing ground for new comedians since 2007 and holds a place in the heart of comics and punters alike.

Trot out your weeknight drinking boots and come along and be a part of the cutting edge comedy that is Shapiro Tuesday.


Want to be a comedian?


Sign up for a spot…

You might be the next Billy Connolly so if you want to try your hand at stand-up you can email your request for a 5 minute spot at Shapiro Tuesdays to [email protected] or you can fill out this handy form. Go on DO IT!

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