Corporate entertainment

We can help make your next work event fun and full of laughs.


option 1: See a show.

Bring your clients, staff and partners to one of Lazy Susan’s regular shows for a night of laughter. Then continue socialising at the bar downstairs at The Brisbane Hotel. Group ticket discounts are available.

Option 2: Friday Night Giggles.

An exclusive performance for your business at Lazy Susan’s. Friday @ 5:30pm gather at The Brisbane hotel for a drink. 6pm, an hour of laughs upstairs at Lazy Susan’s. 7pm, head downstairs for food, drinks and socialising.

Option3: We come to you.

If you would like a personalised show by The Big HOO-HAA! or need a Stand Up comedian or an MC for your event then give us a call (08 9328 2543) and we can discuss your requirements. We will help find the right fit for your event.

Corporate Training

Option 1: Thinking on your feet

Thinking on your feet and being able to make decisions under pressure are skills help you in daily communications and in all your business negotiations. Using the basics of improvisation we teach your staff how to actively listen, make creative choices, work collaboratively and be prepared for being unprepared.

option 2: comedy in presentation

Like the jam in a donut, comedy can be the sweet sticky surprise in your next power point presentation or keynote speech. No one expects to have a laugh at a work function (or a jam donut), but when they do it’s a welcome surprise and a memorable one.

Learn how to craft a joke, how to deliver a speech with a smile and how to find the lighter side of any subject. It’s not rocket science or comedy magic, it’s comedy science.

option 3: Pirates, Ninjas, Wizards.

Pirates Ninjas Wizards is a workshop that teaches people to be creative and improvise solutions together. With years of experience in communication and comedy our facilitators are experts in their field. Participants will have a fun and memorable time while undoing bad habits and developing new skills.